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Steps to Mindful Eating Workshop -- This highly interactive, practical workshop will help you reach your clients. Using role playing, mindfulness tools, mindful eating principles and cutting-edge mindfulness research, learn how to train the brain for a peaceful relationship with food, weight, and body. The workshop comes alive with videos, humor, handouts, case studies, demonstrations, and mindfulness practice. (6 CEs for LCSWs, LPCs, DCs, LMTs, amd RDs pending) University of Western States; Saturday, Sept. 8th. Learn More - Register Online

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EAT, SAVOR, SATISFY: 12-WEEKS TO MINDFUL EATING™, the first mindful eating program featuring a 270 page Guidebook, CD, PLUS 6-Hours of step-by-step, online instruction. Learn more about how to make peace with food, body and weight.

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Donald Altman, MA, LPC

Are you overwhelmed or burned out by stress, anxiety, depression, or negativity?

Do you want a personal, daily mindfulness practice but aren't sure where to begin?

Whether you work in the healthcare field, the corporate world, are a stay at home parent or multi-tasker--a personal daily mindfulness practice is invaluable to finding balance, joy, and peace.

Donald Altman's many books, workshops, and therapy integrate ancient wisdom and tools with 21st century brain science.

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