Mindfulness for Daily Well Being


Donald Altman, LPC

Psychotherapist, former Buddhist monk, international mindfulness expert, speaker, and award-winning author offers a set of practical and easy to apply mindfulness tools.

The Mindfulness Toolbox, winner of the 2015 National Ben Franklin Gold Award for best book in the Body, Mind, Spirit and Psychology categories, is ideal for managing stress, depression, anxiety, pain, and other challenging life issues.

Life can be hard, but bliss, joy, ease, and calm are closer than you think. Find out more.


Keynotes & Workshops

"We spend significant time choosing the the most sought after Coaches in the world, and Donald was rated as one of our top speakers of 2016. After delivering two presentations to over 4,000 coaches, his content on Mindfulness and his mastery of his work led him to become one of the highest received speakers of our 50 Global Thought-Leaders. He is wonderfully appreciated, professional and inspiring, and we look forward to having him on the WBECS stage again in the future." --World Business & Executive Coaching Summit

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A Contemplative Practice designed to expand your exploration of mindfulness, as well as counter stress and get more centered, calm, and productive in your day.

Tips and Handouts for Business and Healthcare, whether for greater productivity, creativity, improved teamwork and communication, or stress reduction

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Online Mindfulness Retreats

Take a retreat from the comfort of home with in-depth E-Courses. A Blessed Life overcomes suffering and purifies the heart and mind. The Mindful Life deepens your daily mindfulness practice.

Each course includes 12-detailed lessons, access to posts, and additional commentaries. Enhance your spiritiual life today!

Enhance Your Relationships


"The real-world, experiential tools will help you to quickly and directly gain an in-depth understandin of yourself and others." --John Baldoni, author, MOXIE and Lead with Purpose

In a world that is rapidly changing, all the connections in your life demand more of you. Whether loving or stressful or both, balancing these relationships is tough.

Use the life affirming strategies here for fulfilling and sustainable connections of all kinds--

* Moving past crisis in your romantic life

* Healing strained family relationships

* Acceptance, compassion and forgiveness

* Finding commonalities in a divided world

* Learning from the wisdom of nature

* Developing healthy technology boundaries

* Bringing balance and wellness into your life

"Individuals or couples will find dozens of tools and handouts...to increase self-awareness, connectedness and compassion." --Debra Burdick, LCSZW, BCNZ, author, Mindfulness Skills for Kids and Teens

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What's Your Clutter?

It's easy to clean out the attic. But what if the attic is hidden away in the dark recesses of your mind? That's where the scrubbing power of mindfulness comes in. It cleanses toxic habits as you create the life you want... starting NOW.

ClearingClutter2Chosen One of the Best Spiritual Books of 2016 Clearing Emotional Clutter will transform how you feel from the inside out.

If how you feel about your past, present, and future isn't working for you, discover the ancient mindfulness practices that have helped so many lessen the burden and be alive to each unfolding moment. Why wait another day?

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Beat Stress with Resilience 101

Resilience1Donald Altman's 101 Mindful Ways to Build Resilience features an entire toolbox of mindful resilience practices.

"There's no secret to bouncing back from life’s toughest roadblocks, wounds, and obstacles," says Donald Altman. "There is simply the skill of applying mindfulness to whatever new problem knocks on your door each day."

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Mindfulness in Full Color


With Complete Mindfulness Exercises

"Other en vogue coloring books right now boast of their mindfulness effects, but this is the first I've come across that actually delivers...real mindfulness exercises that you can practice beyond the coloring page such as breathing and optimism techniques."-- Amazon Review

If daily stress wears you out, Stay Mindful & Color will reboot and rewire your brain, one centering, soothing practice and joyfully optimistic drawing at a time!

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